Summary of MidWeek 4

So far this week, I retouched my knowledge on cinematography, and learned a little bit more about the editing and making of films from a few video clips. I also learned about a new film technique from an article by Roger Ebert.

In the editing and filmmaking reflection, I concentrated on four video clips that all focused on different angles and interpretations. If someone else in the class were to have done these videos, I am sure they would have a different opinion than me on these clips. Film always allows one to have their own opinion on their meaning, as there is always more than one option. These clips were very interesting to view, and supplemented my knowledge of techniques I had learned in my cinema studies class.

“How to Read a Movie” was an interesting piece by Roger Ebert. In my reflection on the article, I mainly state how I feel as though I am back in my English 245 class, listening to my professor talk about film and the many different techniques and messages they portray. This article had a lot of information, but lacked some important factors of film that I wish Ebert did talk about. The article was. never the less, still interesting and filled with information.

The question for this week was to pick a nursery rhyme, and change the story. I had two stories come to mind after reading this question, Old McDonald and The Three Little Pigs. I decided to go with The Three Little Pigs, as I felt Old McDonald would be a bit to gruesome of an ending. For The Three Little Pigs story, I’d have the story be the same, however the wolf never says that he wants to eat the pigs, the three little pigs just assume that. As the wolf climbs down the chimney of the brick house, the match to light the fire, breaks, and there is no other one to use. The pigs huddle together and say their goodbyes as the wolf approaches, but the wolf then says that he just wants to be friends with the pigs. The pigs look confused at first, and do not believe what the wolf is saying, but the wolf says that he is not “a big, bad wolf” but more of “a lone wolf”. He saw the three pigs building their houses, and wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood. After that they all become friends, and the wolf even helps the pigs re-build the two houses he blew down, this time around using bricks. I chose a to do a happy ending for all of the characters, as I felt the lesson was more important in this story than the first. This new story focuses on teaching a lesson to children not to jump to conclusions when seeing someone. Instead to give them a chance, as a great friendship could be the result.

Lastly, for the daily creates, I chose to do the one where you take a picture of a tree on a walk (I was in Richmond these last few days and saw a unique one at Belle Isle), and then the one where we show what beauty is. I chose to do a couple pictures with friends and my dog, as nothing is more beautiful then adventure, love, and lasting memories. I also chose a quote from one of my favorite designers, Coco Chanel, about how beauty is being yourself. This quote has always stuck with me because everyone is beautiful, and you do not need to pretend to be someone your not for others. Being happy with who YOU are is all that matters.



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