Summary for Week Four

This week, we became familiar with video media. We learned about film making, and even got to make a few videos ourself. This week was the most enjoyable for me, as I got to put a lot of personal thought and detail into the videos.

I focused on a four different videos. The first was about my dog, the second on the sport I play, the third on the revised nursery rhyme I wrote earlier this week, and lastly, about myself. For all four videos, I used iMovie on my Macbook to edit. I am most familiar with the software, and am always pleased with the result of my videos.

I do not mean for this narcissistic, but I really enjoyed making the video about myself. I asked a few of my friends to send me questions that would help give off a better idea of who I am. After answering those questions, I wanted to put some snapchat memories in the video of activities I love doing, which almost all included friends or family. I wanted people to see more than just me answering questions about myself. Lastly, I edited the video to have a Taylor Swift song in the background, since she is my favorite artist of all time. Of course “Shake it Off” is the song I had to go with, as it is still a favorite of mine to this day. All I want to do is sing and dance to it when it comes on. This video was just so fun to make, and was the most personal to me.

I really enjoyed the assignment for this week, and hope that I can make more videos like this in the future.

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