Reflection on Film Making Videos

The videos I focused on for film making were the “Kubrick// One-Point Perspective”, “Examples of Editing Techniques”, “Camera Angles and Techniques”, and “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis”.

“Kubrick// One-Point Perspective” was a really cool montage of all of these famous shots and clips from different films, like the hallway scenes from The Shining. These straight on camera shots always make it feel as though you are really there as a part of the scene. When seeing the scene from The Shining of the boy in the hallway, I thought back to English 245. We looked at that exact scene, and discussed that perspective of the straight shot, and the effect it can have on an audience.

“Examples of Editing Techniques” was a refresher of English 245 as well. It explained how the different cuts used to transition from scene to scene or from shot to shot. I enjoyed seeing them come to life with examples, and getting a better feel for the impact they leave on an audience. For example, a simple cut is not really noticed, however a fade in-fade out cut is noticed, because it has a bigger effect.

“Camera Angles and Techniques” focused on a few different angles used in film. However, I feel as though they mainly focused on the pull in focus shot where the background moves closer to the main focus (i.e. the diner scene with the window showing the parking lot). This video was not my favorite when seeking more information, as I felt they did not really give much insight. They mainly just showed clips from films as examples, which is still a great way to learn about the techniques, but I would have liked to know a bit more information on the different film angles.

Lastly, “Hitchock Loves Bikinis” showed how the same expression of an actor can be looked at differently if the focus point is changed. This was something new I learned, and never really noticed in cinema. I thought it was interesting to see an actor go from looking like a nice old man, to a distasteful old man, all because the focus point changed. This video was almost a life lesson as well, in terms of not being too quick to judge others, as this actor was originally looking at a mother with her child and not a woman in a bikini.

These four filmmaking videos taught me a lot of basic knowledge on cinematography, and this information will be relevant for when I watch television from now on. They changed my perspective on films, and are going to have me thinking outside the box when watching a film, instead of just relaxing and watching television.

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  1. This post is insightful and shows you really understood the points made. I do wish you had used some still shot examples, though, to drive home your points. Good work.

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