Memories and Moments.

I thought I’d share my favorite memories and moments of my Euro trip through a casual sit down video, along with some terrible iPhone 4 quality pictures! Although the video is long, the stories are fun and entertaining, as that whole trip was so memorable.

I made this video with iMovie on my Macbook. What I did was create two backgrounds and titles for the two intros before the film starts. I filmed a one take shot on my Nikon camera and uploaded it to my laptop. I had to trim the beginning and end so that it started from when I started talking. After that I went to my photos to insert each photo I wanted into the video. iMovie edits to zoom in or out of the photo, but I edited each one so that it wouldn’t do that by clicking the “fit” tab. This makes each photo fit in the frame perfectly. I then inserted the same background and title effect at the end. Lastly you can insert audio from your own iTunes, so I inserted an instrumental version of “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran, to not distract viewers with the lyrics.

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