Final Summary.

When reading that we had to tell a story using all of the elements we learned about in this class for our final, I immediately decided that I wanted to do it on the trip to Europe I went on with my sister when I was sixteen years old. That trip still brings me so much joy when I think about it, and my favorite memory that I have.

To be begin my story, I talked about all of the destinations that I went to, as if you all are coming along with me. I included pictures of all of the destinations as well.

What better design to make for this story than postcards. I bought and mailed so many postcards while I was on this trip, that I wanted to incorporate that in my story somehow. Designing postcards on Canva seemed like a great idea.

Audio was the most difficult element for me to learn this course, so I am personally most proud of this part of the story adaptation. I created an audio of my cliff jumping experience in Croatia, as I told the story of it in my last video (Get to know me, from week 4).

Lastly, the video I made was a sit down conversation of me telling memories and moments of my trip, and including some pictures from the trip as well. It’s a very long video, but I promise, the stories are entertaining.

As for the last three daily creates, I chose to do mine appreciating the sunset in my neighborhood (as I am a big fan of sunset viewings), picking an animal I want to be (I have always wanted to be a cheetah, as they are one of my favorite animals, and I’d love to be able to run that fast!), and then choosing an inspirational quote. The picture I chose for the last daily create is a picture I used for my fashion blog that I have, and the quote has stuck with me since I started the blog, as I always feel as you change at some point, or several points, in your life. This quote is very special to me, as I feel as I am myself more than ever since I started my blog in fashion, and spread my love for it around the world.

I learned so much in the span of 5 weeks, and am very grateful for all of these new talents I have. I can’t wait to use them more often in time to come.

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