Euro Trip: Where Are We Going?

I’m sixteen again, and getting ready to go to Europe for a month. My sister and I are going to see seven countries in a little over thirty days. What do I pack? How much stuff is to much! I’m just so excited I can’t contain myself. I’ve always wanted to backpack around Europe, and I finally am getting to do it with my best friend. There’s so much to see and do. What’s first on the agenda?

Well first stop is meeting my sister in London, England, and spending a few days there with her and mom.

London, England. Photo from

Next is taking the Chunnel to Paris, France, and spending three days in the most romantic city in the world. I can not WAIT to see the Eiffel Tour, and eat at bakeries. Oh how I miss freshly baked goods.

Paris, France. Photo from

After that, we’re taking the train to Nice for a night, and all I can think about is if it is as “nice” as it sounds! I’m really excited for our next stop, however.

Nice, France. Photo from

Off to Cinque Terre, Italy. The first country on the list that I have never been too. Janine told me it means “Five Towns” in Italian, and there are really five towns separated by mountains that are on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. This place sounds like absolute paradise.

Cinque Terre, Italy. Photo from

Up next is Rome, Italy, where I will be living up to my Lizzie McGuire fantasies of becoming a pop star over night. All I want is to make a wish in the Trevi Fountain, and eat lots and lots of pasta and pizza!

Rome, Italy. Photo from

Last stop in Italy is Florence. All my sister has really said about this place is that it’s a wine region, and that she wants to go to a bunch of wine tastings. I guess it’ll be fun since I’ll get to participate in them too!

Florence, Italy. Photo from

From Florence, we take a train to Austria only to change trains to get to Zagreb, Croatia. Once we arrive in Zagreb, we will be taking a bus to Dubrovnik Croatia. This will be the longest travel time, but according to Janine, totally worth it since we’ll be starting in Old Town dubrovnik. There will also be a music festival going on while we’re there!

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Photo from

After spending a few days in Dubrovnik, we will be taking the bus back up to Split, and then transferring over to a Ferry that will take us to the island of Hvar, Croatia.

Then, we will be making our way back to Split, to take the bus back to Zagreb, and then an overnight train to Munich, Germany, where we will spend the day exploring, before heading back to the rest of our family in Basel Switzerland.

Munich, Germany. Photo from
Basel, Switzerland. Photo from

What a crazy agenda, but I know we can do it all! It’s going to be an amazing experience.

Last semester, I had to make my own website using code in my Digital Studies 101 class. The prompt I chose was “Mapping Module”, and I mapped out all of the locations we went to on google maps. If you’d like to see a visual of all of the destinations, click here!

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