Cliff Jumping in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Last week, when I made the video about myself, I told you all the story of the time I went cliff jumping in Dubrovnik in Croatia. Well, I wanted to re-incorporate that in this story of my Euro Trip with my sister, since this was my proudest moment of the whole trip. I faced my fear of heights, and decided to just go for it.

My sister and I noticed this cliff jumping beach when we were walking along the Old Town Dubrovnik Wall the night before. I told her I wanted to do that, and she said if we had time, we could go by the beach tomorrow. The next day came, and we found the beach. There was the 45 foot cliff that I jumped off of, and then a 70 foot cliff as well.

When we arrived at the beach, I asked my sister if she could take a picture of me when I do it. My sister didn’t want to jump, but wanted to document me jumping, as it would be such a huge success if I actually do it.

There were people jumping off of the rock as we waited, and I luckily made friends with one of them to show me how to climb up the rock (as there was no ladder). Thinking back to this day, that was probably the hardest thing for me to do. The two guys who helped me gave me some pointers on how to jump, and what to do before I went. I gave a look to my sister, and she got the camera ready. A million things were running through my head, and my adrenaline was through the roof. I looked out and saw the sun hitting the water so beautifully. It was a great distraction on what I was about to do. I began to count to 3, and then just went for it! I let out a scream, and realized I still hadn’t hit water. I opened my eyes, looked down, and saw that I still had a good 30 ft to drop. When I finally hit the water, and came up from under, EVERYONE was cheering and clapping! I was probably the youngest there to jump off, and it took me five seconds up there to do it. Someone had gone before me, and it took her forty-five minutes to do it. There were even people on the wall where we had been yesterday, looking over and cheering.

When I got out of the water, I went to my sister, who was still in disbelief. She was so proud of me for being so brave and adventurous in that moment. My adrenaline was still through the roof. One guy came up to me, and told me how incredible I was for just going for it, and that I should do the 70 foot cliff next. I told him no way, as I think I was just not courageous enough to do that! Maybe the next time I’m in Dubrovnik.

I made this track with Audacity, and recorded my own voice of the thoughts that were going through my head the day I cliff jumped. I got all of my sound effects from, and inserted these sounds and moved them around to create the perfect audio story. Please enjoy the audio version of my cliff jumping experience. I hope you feel the adrenaline rush I felt that day, and still get when thinking back to this day.

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  1. Well congratulations on your accomplishment, I now have to add jumping off a cliff to things I will NEVER do. However I do believe you told this story really well and I don’t have any negatives to comment.

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