Final Summary.

When reading that we had to tell a story using all of the elements we learned about in this class for our final, I immediately decided that I wanted to do it on the trip to Europe I went on with my sister when I was sixteen years old. That trip still brings me so much joy when I think about it, and my favorite memory that I have.

To be begin my story, I talked about all of the destinations that I went to, as if you all are coming along with me. I included pictures of all of the destinations as well.

What better design to make for this story than postcards. I bought and mailed so many postcards while I was on this trip, that I wanted to incorporate that in my story somehow. Designing postcards on Canva seemed like a great idea.

Audio was the most difficult element for me to learn this course, so I am personally most proud of this part of the story adaptation. I created an audio of my cliff jumping experience in Croatia, as I told the story of it in my last video (Get to know me, from week 4).

Lastly, the video I made was a sit down conversation of me telling memories and moments of my trip, and including some pictures from the trip as well. It’s a very long video, but I promise, the stories are entertaining.

As for the last three daily creates, I chose to do mine appreciating the sunset in my neighborhood (as I am a big fan of sunset viewings), picking an animal I want to be (I have always wanted to be a cheetah, as they are one of my favorite animals, and I’d love to be able to run that fast!), and then choosing an inspirational quote. The picture I chose for the last daily create is a picture I used for my fashion blog that I have, and the quote has stuck with me since I started the blog, as I always feel as you change at some point, or several points, in your life. This quote is very special to me, as I feel as I am myself more than ever since I started my blog in fashion, and spread my love for it around the world.

I learned so much in the span of 5 weeks, and am very grateful for all of these new talents I have. I can’t wait to use them more often in time to come.

Memories and Moments.

I thought I’d share my favorite memories and moments of my Euro trip through a casual sit down video, along with some terrible iPhone 4 quality pictures! Although the video is long, the stories are fun and entertaining, as that whole trip was so memorable.

I made this video with iMovie on my Macbook. What I did was create two backgrounds and titles for the two intros before the film starts. I filmed a one take shot on my Nikon camera and uploaded it to my laptop. I had to trim the beginning and end so that it started from when I started talking. After that I went to my photos to insert each photo I wanted into the video. iMovie edits to zoom in or out of the photo, but I edited each one so that it wouldn’t do that by clicking the “fit” tab. This makes each photo fit in the frame perfectly. I then inserted the same background and title effect at the end. Lastly you can insert audio from your own iTunes, so I inserted an instrumental version of “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran, to not distract viewers with the lyrics.

Cliff Jumping in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Last week, when I made the video about myself, I told you all the story of the time I went cliff jumping in Dubrovnik in Croatia. Well, I wanted to re-incorporate that in this story of my Euro Trip with my sister, since this was my proudest moment of the whole trip. I faced my fear of heights, and decided to just go for it.

My sister and I noticed this cliff jumping beach when we were walking along the Old Town Dubrovnik Wall the night before. I told her I wanted to do that, and she said if we had time, we could go by the beach tomorrow. The next day came, and we found the beach. There was the 45 foot cliff that I jumped off of, and then a 70 foot cliff as well.

When we arrived at the beach, I asked my sister if she could take a picture of me when I do it. My sister didn’t want to jump, but wanted to document me jumping, as it would be such a huge success if I actually do it.

There were people jumping off of the rock as we waited, and I luckily made friends with one of them to show me how to climb up the rock (as there was no ladder). Thinking back to this day, that was probably the hardest thing for me to do. The two guys who helped me gave me some pointers on how to jump, and what to do before I went. I gave a look to my sister, and she got the camera ready. A million things were running through my head, and my adrenaline was through the roof. I looked out and saw the sun hitting the water so beautifully. It was a great distraction on what I was about to do. I began to count to 3, and then just went for it! I let out a scream, and realized I still hadn’t hit water. I opened my eyes, looked down, and saw that I still had a good 30 ft to drop. When I finally hit the water, and came up from under, EVERYONE was cheering and clapping! I was probably the youngest there to jump off, and it took me five seconds up there to do it. Someone had gone before me, and it took her forty-five minutes to do it. There were even people on the wall where we had been yesterday, looking over and cheering.

When I got out of the water, I went to my sister, who was still in disbelief. She was so proud of me for being so brave and adventurous in that moment. My adrenaline was still through the roof. One guy came up to me, and told me how incredible I was for just going for it, and that I should do the 70 foot cliff next. I told him no way, as I think I was just not courageous enough to do that! Maybe the next time I’m in Dubrovnik.

I made this track with Audacity, and recorded my own voice of the thoughts that were going through my head the day I cliff jumped. I got all of my sound effects from, and inserted these sounds and moved them around to create the perfect audio story. Please enjoy the audio version of my cliff jumping experience. I hope you feel the adrenaline rush I felt that day, and still get when thinking back to this day.

Don’t Forget to Send a Postcard!

When traveling, it is always important to send your family and friends a postcard. It shows that you care about them, and are taking the time to write them a little something about your trip so far.

Here are two postcards that are sendable (with some personal photos from my sister and I’s Euro trip). One is a postcard of a picture of a macaron display at the original Ladurée in Paris. This original shop is also where the macaron was invented. The other is a personal photo of my sister and I in front of Big Ben in London, England (trying to be funny), as some people send virtual postcards now with their own personal pictures to show their family and friends their personal experiences.

Both of these postcards were made with Canva. I used a layout for the Paris postcard, while I made my own for the London postcard. I took screenshots as I gradually did my work. Attached at the end will be two galleries to go through of the screenshots I took completing this assignment.

Euro Trip: Where Are We Going?

I’m sixteen again, and getting ready to go to Europe for a month. My sister and I are going to see seven countries in a little over thirty days. What do I pack? How much stuff is to much! I’m just so excited I can’t contain myself. I’ve always wanted to backpack around Europe, and I finally am getting to do it with my best friend. There’s so much to see and do. What’s first on the agenda?

Well first stop is meeting my sister in London, England, and spending a few days there with her and mom.

London, England. Photo from

Next is taking the Chunnel to Paris, France, and spending three days in the most romantic city in the world. I can not WAIT to see the Eiffel Tour, and eat at bakeries. Oh how I miss freshly baked goods.

Paris, France. Photo from

After that, we’re taking the train to Nice for a night, and all I can think about is if it is as “nice” as it sounds! I’m really excited for our next stop, however.

Nice, France. Photo from

Off to Cinque Terre, Italy. The first country on the list that I have never been too. Janine told me it means “Five Towns” in Italian, and there are really five towns separated by mountains that are on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. This place sounds like absolute paradise.

Cinque Terre, Italy. Photo from

Up next is Rome, Italy, where I will be living up to my Lizzie McGuire fantasies of becoming a pop star over night. All I want is to make a wish in the Trevi Fountain, and eat lots and lots of pasta and pizza!

Rome, Italy. Photo from

Last stop in Italy is Florence. All my sister has really said about this place is that it’s a wine region, and that she wants to go to a bunch of wine tastings. I guess it’ll be fun since I’ll get to participate in them too!

Florence, Italy. Photo from

From Florence, we take a train to Austria only to change trains to get to Zagreb, Croatia. Once we arrive in Zagreb, we will be taking a bus to Dubrovnik Croatia. This will be the longest travel time, but according to Janine, totally worth it since we’ll be starting in Old Town dubrovnik. There will also be a music festival going on while we’re there!

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Photo from

After spending a few days in Dubrovnik, we will be taking the bus back up to Split, and then transferring over to a Ferry that will take us to the island of Hvar, Croatia.

Then, we will be making our way back to Split, to take the bus back to Zagreb, and then an overnight train to Munich, Germany, where we will spend the day exploring, before heading back to the rest of our family in Basel Switzerland.

Munich, Germany. Photo from
Basel, Switzerland. Photo from

What a crazy agenda, but I know we can do it all! It’s going to be an amazing experience.

Last semester, I had to make my own website using code in my Digital Studies 101 class. The prompt I chose was “Mapping Module”, and I mapped out all of the locations we went to on google maps. If you’d like to see a visual of all of the destinations, click here!

Summary for Week Four

This week, we became familiar with video media. We learned about film making, and even got to make a few videos ourself. This week was the most enjoyable for me, as I got to put a lot of personal thought and detail into the videos.

I focused on a four different videos. The first was about my dog, the second on the sport I play, the third on the revised nursery rhyme I wrote earlier this week, and lastly, about myself. For all four videos, I used iMovie on my Macbook to edit. I am most familiar with the software, and am always pleased with the result of my videos.

I do not mean for this narcissistic, but I really enjoyed making the video about myself. I asked a few of my friends to send me questions that would help give off a better idea of who I am. After answering those questions, I wanted to put some snapchat memories in the video of activities I love doing, which almost all included friends or family. I wanted people to see more than just me answering questions about myself. Lastly, I edited the video to have a Taylor Swift song in the background, since she is my favorite artist of all time. Of course “Shake it Off” is the song I had to go with, as it is still a favorite of mine to this day. All I want to do is sing and dance to it when it comes on. This video was just so fun to make, and was the most personal to me.

I really enjoyed the assignment for this week, and hope that I can make more videos like this in the future.

The Three Little Pigs.

Earlier this week, I revised the nursery rhyme, The Three Little Pigs. I revised it so everyone has a happy ending, and that the story gives more of a hidden message to children. The pigs just assume that wolf is big and bad, and that he wants to eat them; however, the wolf is just looking for some new friends. The message from that is to not judge everyone by appearances. This is an important lesson for children to learn, as it can leave them with an open mind and heart when meeting new people. So enjoy this silent story of the revised story of The Three Little Pigs.

Let’s Go Eagles!

One skill that I have learned and exceeded in since entering college is cheerleading. I joined the club sports team my freshman year, and learned how to main base fairly quick. Since then, I have been on the competitive team for three years, and have competed three times in a national competition. As a team, we also cheer at the men’s and women’s basketball games. We also participate in a few events on campus to showcase our school spirit. In this video, I included some video clips from practices, games, and our competition routine from this year!

Daisy, The Golden Retriever

My dog, Daisy, is a four year old Golden Retriever. She is the sweetest, happiest, and most energetic pup I know. Although she is no longer a puppy, she will always be eight weeks old to me. She has many nicknames, from “pup”, to “buddy”, to “Daisy May”! She will answer to all of those. She loves to chase tennis balls and squirrels, go swimming, go to the dog park, adventuring, and cuddling up with the family. She is my everything, and what better way to express it, than through a puppet appreciation video.